Closing the gap

One thing is worrying me. There is too big a gap between what I think and tell others that comms should be and what I actually do in practice.

I like to think I’m pretty good at thinking innovatively, seeking out best practice and sharing new ideas when I discover them. But the examples of where I have taken a risky, innovative idea and implemented it in my work are few and far between.

Why? My excuse would be because I am just so damn busy ‘doing stuff’. This largely means spending too much time being reactive to issues and ‘fire-fighting’ rather than being proactive and agile, having a strategy and delivering it.

So my new mantra will be #JFDI.

If I’m being self-critical, I’d say I talk a good talk, but I don’t always walk the walk. I’ll say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we…’ or ‘We need to be doing…’. But how many times have I then gone and done it? Even less so, done it, measured it and gone and told people about how it went. Good or bad. Success or failure. What did I learn and what will I do differently next time?

Comms people across the world are talking up a revolution. They say the game is changing and if you don’t get with the new way of things, you’ll get left behind. I’ve been one of them – but I need to match the talking with the doing.

It’s time get out of the commentary box and get my studs muddy. It’s time to close the gap. It’s time to #JFDI.


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